About Me


My name is Gabriel RABHI. I live in France, in the city of Lyon. I am an atypical developer. Creator of a video game at 18 (Mindscape Bordeaux, Pearson group at the time), passionate about R & D, I am a self-taught programmer (Pascal, C, C ++, C #) and software architecture. Creative, I am also 2D and 3D graphic designer (bitmap, vector and modeling, rendering, animation under Maya and ex-Alias), multimedia (sound, video, motion graphics) and incidentally, composer (conservatory, home studio).

The variety of my professional experiences has given me some understanding of what a business is. I collaborated with several entrepreneurs. I can apprehend complex projects, requiring a strategic vision, technological innovations and long-term work. I practice SCRUM and I am attentive to the practices of the industry (DDD, TDD).

Coming out of my comfort zone, taking up challenges and deploying bold approaches is a real driving force for me – it’s not without risk. For the past five years, one of my main research topics has been a high-performance distributed (server-to-server) repository for .Net, in the “Big Memory” spirit. In the past, I have developed several engines (distributed database, graphical interface, 3D engine), and since 2014 a social network engine: Stack Web HTML5-JS-CSS, Web server, SGDB NoSQL and Graph, textual indexing etc.

Other topics: Vertical scallability of .Net applications, code readability (persistence abstraction), management of terabytes of objects in RAM without Garbage Collector pause, interlocking “lock-free” communication, web site generation by script, front-end protocol, OTP encryption, “lucene-like” indexer, UI engine, RAD, Frameworks, etc.


  • .NET developer, C # language. WinForm Technologies, WPF, Web. Experience with C, C ++ and Pascal. Managed and unmanaged languages.
  • Software Architect: development of Frameworks, low level, optimization. Notions of TDD and DDD (Domain Driven Development).
  • Graphic Designer: Adobe suite (Photoshop, InDesign, AfterEffect, Illustrator), Maya (3D, animation), AutoStudio (industrial design), MentalRay (rendering).
  • Composer : MAO with Digital Performer, sound design.

Know how, knowledge

  • Design of HMIs, graphics systems (GUI engine) and design systems.
  • Distributed P2P or client-server systems: pull / push mode, serialization, network and memory optimization, cache strategy, database management system.
  • Web server development, from scratch. Websocket, HTML, dynamisation, Templating. Notions of JavaScript.
  • General knowledge in computer science: development process and object oriented programming, design patterns, structure of operating systems, hardware, processors, compilation.
  • Concepts and architecture of database engines : had developed parts of database engines.
  • AGILE project management in SCRUM, continuous process improvement: theory, practice.
  • Corporate governance and human resources concepts – has contributed to several entrepreneurial adventures.



Few pictures

I realized a large number of projects and personal researches. The majority are projects for clients. There is a lot of software that I developed for which I do not have screenshots. Here are a few. All this projects were done alone, without the help of others developpers.

1996 – EZ-World was a runtime and development environment for Max OS 9. The GUI engine was proprietary. Buttons, menus, window, etc. were written from scratch. One of the important features was that the user interface of the softwares that worked in this environment was editable at runtime: windows and widgets could be created at runtime, and linked to commands published by the software components.


1997 – This is an OpenGL GUI engine (Graphical User Interface), running on top of a 3D rendering. The project was to build an independent full featured engine for game developpers.
Modeleur Michelin
1998 – I developed a driving simulation for Michelin, the French tire manufacturer. To develop this game, I developed my own 3D engine (on 3DFX) and my own polygonal 3D modeler. It contained a route generator in the form of Nurbs along which various parameters varied, allowing the creation of circuits very quickly.
audi r7 2
2008 – This image is a personal work of design and rendering. I realized the modeling with Auto Studio (Autodesk), with Nurbs level 5. All the difficulty is to obtain smooth curved surfaces without breaks. The rendering is done with Mental Ray under Maya.
In 2010, I developed a contact management tool for a client (MCE-5 Development), with Aurélien Boudoux, a developer with whom I collaborated for 4 years. This software made it possible to link emails, paper mail and documents to a database of which. He was connected to an Exchange server to retrieve emails and to the PABX to track telephony calls. He was running Office for direct mail. It also presents a view of project spaces in the form of mental maps. It is a GED (Electronic Document Manamgenent System)
Between 2010 and 2013, I was project manager on a proprietary data management technology. The goal was to make a distribution of data between several places by internet, in real time. The system was a complete database management system, with replication and management of the integrated schema update. The database was composed of objects and worked in RAM with a replicated storage technology. All was written from scratch with Aurelien Boudoux. It was a really big challenge, with fine grained engeenering works. It was partly funded by French State (CIR – Crédit d’Impot Recherche).
I put online Do4Change end 2016 after a year and a half of development. Do4Change is “a social network for collective intelligence and concrete action”. It is intended for citizens wishing to organize changes in society. It’s a bit like the Facebook of associations and activism, offering specific tools to mobilize participants and organize citizen movements. It permits to share content (texts, videos, images, sounds), have consultation tools (multiple choice, polls), real-time messaging, an advanced editor of web pages, groups and sub- groups of users, etc. It allows to evolve all structures and contents in a collective way.


ShotWeb - IDE
In 2017, I added a scripting language to Do4Change’s social network engine, named ShotWeb. This language makes it possible to change the entire presentation of the online system, the script editor being online. In hot, we can edit all of what makes up the pages of the social network.
The social network engine that I developed allows the realization of custom portals. Here, one of the three portals that I developed. This is the site of an association affiliated to the CCI of Paris : search zone, personnal profil, articles, chat, complete Web page editor, all this feature are activable and customizable to reach the needs of each organisation.

What’s next ?

In early 2019, I work on two projects:

  1. An innovative software technology for managing data in RAM for the .Net platform. It is an add-in or substitutes for classic DBMS such as MySQL, Ms SQL Server, MongoDB or Oracle. It is an embedded DBMS (without a network connection) adapted to Backend applications. The tools and web platform offer associated services with high added value: tools for debugging, deployment, supervision and visual analytics. It’s a synthesis of all the research I’ve done in the field of data management. It permit to manage terabyte scale plain object collections without any problems.
  2. The first digital tool of organizational transformation. It allows to gradually change the organization of companies to make them more efficient, flexible and agile, and increase the commitment of their employees. It is an innovative solution intended to be used daily by millions of people, mainly in companies.

Stay tuned !